Justin Bieber

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Justin Bieber - Beauty And A Beat


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fav person


fav person

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i want to kiss him

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Original Justin Bieber’s chachis pants.

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“If I could, I would hug each one of each one of my beliebers, one by one, the ones who didn’t stay and the ones that are still with me, supporting me. I just want them to know that I love them… I love them so much. And I don’t say this because of publicity, I just feel like I truly love them, like they have become a really important part of my family and I apologize if I have ever hurt them, I’m a person and I make mistakes. Everything I ask for is: the ones that are still with me, stay with me, because if I ever lose them I’m going to lose everything. I don’t care about the fame, what I care about is if I lose my real beliebers, I’m not going to be able to have them back by my side. I promised them something and they know about it. Everything I have achieved is just because of them, because of their unconditional support, they are the ones who made me into the person that I am today and you can’t even imagine how thankful to them I’m for that. Please, don’t take my Beliebers away from me away from me, that’s everything I’m asking for. Please, stay with me.

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